I’m 50 something, I  love people, I believe that the world is a great place and I have been blessed with the best family and friends.

I love to talk – about anything really (more than a little ironic for someone who has developed a voice problem !!!) I love writing about the silly and often nonsensical things that happen on this rollercoaster ride of life.

I am really interested in what makes people tick.. and what makes us who we are. Everyone has a story and I love to hear them.

I wonder a lot.

I wonder  …why is life so good, yet bad stuff happens?; why do I look in the mirror and see someone different to the person in my head? how DOES the cyber communication REALLY work? and how did I get to be so lucky?

I am terrified of being bland. Life is good, so lets just enjoy it, laugh a lot and learn  a bunch of lessons along the way.

Welcome to my WonderYears.


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