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bet you were wondering about this too ….

30 Nov

Why are hamburgers called hamburgers when there is no sign of ham ???

This was the topic of conversation as we sat outside a hamburger joint in sleepy little down-town Merriwa this afternoon. So… after the four of us having our own guess (and making up some good stories),  you guessed it, I decided to ‘google it’.

Surprised, and enlightened, I am happy to share a bunch of useless facts with you all.

I was surprised to read that it all  started with the Tartars (nomadic people of Asia and Europe) back in the middle ages. nomadsThese horse riding wanderers, tenderised their beef by sandwiching it between their saddle and their horses while they rode… mmm …yum.Later on, the Germans somehow got involved and mixed this tender meet with a few tasty flavours (I can imagine why) …and then broiled it and it became known as Hamburg steak.

When the Germans started to emigrate to the USA in the late 1800’s they took the recipe for this tasty morsel with them…. boom boom … Hamburger stores started to pop up ….and  next thing, the world is over run with McDonalds. If you don’t believe me you can get the facts right here.

 “making hamburgers the old way”

So there you have it in a nutshell … nothing to do with ham, everything to do with the Tartars …and the rest is history. Now aren’t you glad you asked ?




phasionable phablets ….seriously ???

29 Nov

I am definitely not a gadget girl …. when it comes to that latest technology I find myself shrugging my shoulders with a  … ‘so what’. Don’t get me wrong…, I love my 4 year old laptop and and I often think my phone is ‘not so smart’ when it does dumb things… but I haven’t rushed off to buy the newest, latest gadgetry, mainly because I just don’t care enough.

That was until last week when we spied a super special on a 9″ tablet (which I guess is really somewhere between a phone and a tablet…does that make it a phablet?) ….and bought it, purely to save lugging my laptop half-way around the world again. It’s a functional and light way of having the internet on tap, and I’m not actually trying to replace my laptop, phone and camera ….(although I guess I could ditch them if I wanted) … after all, who wants to hold this bread and butter plate gadget to their head to make a call  OR to walk around holding it at arms length to use it to take pics ???

Clearly lots of people that’s who !!phablet

Today I spied a young teenager having a conversation through a large black screen that she could barely hold in one hand ….it looked ridiculous, and I pondered how far we have regressed in a few years from searching for the smallest most compact mobile phones, to walking around with your whole computer stuck on your ear. And you’ve only got to be in a crowd anywhere and you will see ipads waving wildly above the sea of heads trying to get the best shot….Mr Kodak would turn in his grave.

I get the convenience of having one tool for all jobs …. but seriously  ?



it’s that time again ….

28 Nov


booby trap

27 Nov

I think many of you well endowed 50 Something women will relate to the difficulty in choosing ‘the perfect bra for that perfect look’ … You know, when you need to lift’em up,  but without strangling yourself with straps that are so short they cut canyons in your shoulders ….or you want to add a bit of perk and shape, but without looking like you borrowed Madonna’s corset.madonna

The choice is mindboggling …each different style with a completely different  silhouette.

magic braNow, depending on the desired outcome …. you could go for the minimiser gives you a  bulbous and round shape with boobs that look like  water filled balloons oozing into your armpits… or the moulded bra that looks very  pretty, but has a foam filled life of its own…(funny how it  looks the same whether it’s on the bedroom floor or  on your body).

Then there is the ‘magic bra’, flogged on the shopping channel as the perfect answer to mammary comfort( and streamlined look) ….. with no structure it’s more like a glorified singlet that is far from ideal for those of us larger than a ‘C’ cup.

and THAT’S just the begining……whatever the look you are after ….there is no doubt there will be something to suit …but good luck finding it before you fall into the booby trap!!



I don’t mean to bore you …but ….

26 Nov

Tonight I’ve been wondering about yawning. That bizarre phenomenon that most of us know little about … because while there are many myths and theories, there are not all that a many facts.

So why do I care ??? well last night while I was pondering why it helps to smile when you are at work …  I went searching for a yawning picture, and the minute I saw a page full of yawners …. I STARTED TO YAWN myself.


Now, like you, I know all about being in a room with someone who yawns…and watching the chain reaction take off; but I would never have dreamed that looking at a photo could have the same effect …..(nor sitting here writing about it far I have had 7 …. how many have you had ??) .

According to  research they say that the more you are affected by nearby yawners … the more empathic you are, which kind of makes some sense… I’ve always said I have an over-active empathy gland….but who would have thought THAT would extend to one dimensional people who don’t even have a heartbeat??? … wonders never cease!


it helps to smile …..

25 Nov

Well it’s been a strange day in so many ways … BUT that aside…tonight,  I just want to focus on people whoyawn hate their job. I constantly wonder about people in the service industry who hate people (or at least look like they do).

Today I bumped into more than my fair share of them, but two in particular stood out head and shoulders above the crowd.

Case in point #1…   a manicurist (is that a word ???) who, while she was doing a pedicure, (perhaps she should be called a ‘pedicurist’ ??) appeared so bored that she looked like she could fall asleep. She slapped some cream on this poor woman’s legs and  rubbed away unenthusiastically while she yawned (with no free hands to cover her mouth). Now the poor woman may have been tired after a day of playing with toenails, but surely she could pretend !!! (or duck out the back for a nap and then come back).

bloodCase in point #2 …. a blood collector in the pathology practice who was surly and  irritated with me for walking in the door 10 minutes before she was due to knock off. There I was the only person in sight and she told me that she NEEDED to leave on time today (as she sighed heavily)  … so I promised to try and ‘bleed fast’.   .


Santa’s in the ‘burbs….. already

24 Nov


There is nothing more bizarre that driving through some of Sydney’s less salubrious suburbs …and seeing the amazing and over the top Christmas displays popping up, Streets that are usually dotted with burnt out cars and sulo bins now share the space with Santa and all his little helpers.

Now while that’s strange enough in its own right,…. if you add to that the love of “snow” in this landscape…. the mind boggles. We’ve just survived 4 days of temperatures over 40deg … so winding through these snow filled streets seems even more surreal…… mmm wouldn’t you think it would melt ??

Perhaps it’s a way of preparing me for my real white Christmas ….the countdown to my northern hemisphere festivities has started and the egg nog and open fires are just around the corner … but tell me  have YOU every tried shopping for thermal undies when it’s 45deg  outside?  It’s a challenge !

 (So I guess it’s not just the residents of the ‘burbs’ that are confused …. eh?) 


which way ???

23 Nov

…sometimes the simplest things amuse me…


…it’s a small world after all ….

22 Nov

So… because last night was too hot to handle …. I can now share yesterday’s bizarre ‘what are the chances’ moment.

We constantly hear how social media has impacted on or worlds …. for both good and evil… but there is no doubt that we are better networked than in any time past. Let me explain ….

Each of these last two Fridays, I have been approached but 2 completely random ‘strangers’ and asked if I was Louise ? (I should have replied no I’m 50something but not dead yet..but I didn’t)…In both cases I was completely stunned to discover that each of these people ‘knew’ and recognised me from facebook.  networked

One was someone I had engaged in long exchanges over our shared vocal ‘challenges’ … but never ‘met’ in the flesh; while the other was someone from back in high school who recognised me from a shared school contact list … AND as it turns out has worked in and around the same workplace as me for years… yet our paths had never crossed.

In both cases I was impressed at their boldness to ask, and their identification skills, which made me wonder if I was completely unobservant (or…. they don’t share current profile pics …) .. So yes...’it IS a small world after all’.


melting moment

21 Nov

too hot

…sorry can’t see for the sweat dripping n my eyes…