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a little click goes a long way

31 Jan
if winners are grinners... this is me tonight.

if winners are grinners… this is me tonight.

I was having an average kind of Friday  ….just cruising along this afternoon and doing what I’m paid for; when my phone rang. Nothing unusual in that…except, for those of you who are not aware … I don’t ‘DO’ the phone (due to a voice disorder), but that’s another story.

I let it go to message bank, but when I cleared it…  wow did my day change!!!

I’ve never won anything really…I mean, I have known people who have won a little something here and there (even one somebody who manage a significant lottery win) … but ME ?? NEVER.

I’d forgotten all about the competition… it was a few weeks back and all I did was ‘click’ a box while I was buying some theatre tickets and now .. well, let’s just say a little click really does go a long way…New York City here I come!!  



getting my zen on …

30 Jan


Tonight it was back to yoga…After a bit of a break, I figured it was time to go back and get reacquainted with my inner Zen  (as well as limber up those muscles for my pending ‘pro-golfing’ career)

After a few ‘cow faces’ and  ‘cobra poses’, we soon picked up the pace with some ‘downward facing dogs’, a few ‘warriors’  and some  ‘camel poses’ before adopting the corpse position to finish up with a final relaxation…wow…talk about relaxed !!  If I was any more relaxed I would have been in a coma…not even the gentle snoring of the others in the room was enough to bring me back to earth.

All I can say is… who needs drugs when you can deep breathe your way to oblivion?


how to spot a sycophant…

29 Jan

From the time I was little (well probably ‘young’ is a better description…I was never really ‘little’), I have believed that all people were equal… race, gender, colour, age were all irrelevant in my simple mind; not through any particular social consciousness, probably more because I was too ‘simple’ to categorise people (or maybe because I’m a Libran and life is all about things being equal).sycophant

Don’t panic….I’m not about to jump on any do-gooder equality soap box  …you either believe it or you don’t… BUT when it comes to sycophants? well that’s a different story (cue the soap box).

I can’t help but notice that this fabulous word has rolled off many-a- tongue in recent conversations… partly because it’s such a fantastic word to say (go on try it… ‘sick-o-fant’)  but also because the act of sycophancy seems almost compulsory in some circles.

You may not be particularly familiar with it’s meaning BUT I’ll bet you recognise, ‘brown nose’…’groveller’…’suck-hole’…’crawler’… ‘flatterer’ … and the list goes on; but for the record, the dictionary describes the sycophant as

‘a servile self-seeker who attempts to win favour by flattering influential people’.

We all know them, and they are easy to spot; usually with a dirty nose and muttering incessant drivel about the qualities of their chosen ‘hero’. Generally speaking they make you want to puke as they fawn around the boss, the rich, the powerful, the influential… but contribute nothing.

So back to my point, we all eat, breathe, sleep and pee the same regardless of our ‘position’… so whether your job is to remove the brain tumours or mop the operating theatre floor embrace it,  and help free the world of sycophants.

End of sermon.P1080933

the dizzy heights of mediocrity

28 Jan

mediocrityOne thing I fear these days is becoming bland. You know, disappearing into the grey zone of ‘ordinariness’ (come to think of it …I have dreaded this semi comatose state since I was young). The thought of being just ‘OK’ or ‘good’ (as opposed to ‘GOOD’) is completely underwhelming to me.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not something that I dwell on… or that I even think of on a daily basis, but it occurred to me today while chatting with a work buddy about her plans for a new kitchen. (Odd I know, but stick with me … )P1120265

While we discussed the plans for the makeover, I asked who was she planning to use to do the work and she replied ‘Good Kitchens’. I stopped in my tracks and wondered who on earth helped this company with their marketing plan, it sure isn’t an attention grabber…nor does it inspire a sense of anything special.

Solid? …certainly. Predictable?…possibly. Boring?…most likely ….BUT special? Nup, I’m guessing not.

Why not Great Kitchens? …or  Brilliant Kitchens?…. but then what’s in a name??

(apologies if you are…or you know…the good people from good kitchens. This is no reflection on the quality of their product…which I am sure is ‘good’)

it’s never too late to become a pro…

27 Jan

It’s true to say that I have always been fairly average when it comes to ball sports. So I ask myself why  @ ’50 Something’  am I suddenly entertaining the idea of becoming a Pro Golfer?  Well.., perhaps that’s putting the cart before the horse just a little… but I am at least contemplating that I should learn to hit the ball.CAM00074

My experience on the golf course is ‘limited’ to say the least; with the number of games easily counted on one and a bit hands… BUT, I figure learning the game is a reasonably achievable goal for someone of my ‘middle years’….and who knows… I might even like it ( after all I don’t mind walking … AND the smell of cut grass is good, so that’s a great start).

However, today’s trial adventure onto the course highlighted that golf can in fact be a high risk activity. Accompanied by our three  ’20 Something’  companions, Mr ’50 Something’ and I were reminded of the dangers when I spotted the signs warning us of ‘spike bushes, snakes and unstable grounds‘…no doubt meant to keep us from hitting the ball into the scrub (yeah right …as if I have any control over where that ball ends up!)

Needless to say I managed to lose 3 balls to the wilderness, and left them for the snakes … but apart from that I think I did OK for a first effort…It’s just the score that tells a different story.

099Let’s just say I have a little way to go before hitting the Pro-Circuit!

packing it …

26 Jan

Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi ~  Happy Australia Day

I said right from the outset, that this blog is a  place for nonsensical, whimsical, amusing & everyday observations….not for political commentary nor whining, (unless of course I am really really annoyed in which case I reserve “authors prerogative” and I’ll bang on as long as I want too)…. So given this… I won’t get into the whole Australia Day issue….Instead I’ll talk about trying to open my mascara.

I am So OVER packaging !!!  (once more for effect…..) I am SO OVER packaging (you guessed it this is shaping up to be a whine)

packagingCosmetics are right up there with the best when it comes to the annoyance factor…You know, those double sided moulded and welded plastic casings that you simply cannot get apart without industrial strength scissors…and if you try with your teeth you just know it will result in a trip to the dentist. Then there are those shrink sealed wraps that have a perforated side but you can never find the spot to crack it open; and the SUPER sticky metal security tag that is usually stuck across the part where the lid connects …and you can never get it all off in one go….(by the way… can anyone tell me why the even bother….. I’ve never yet  been stopped at a store when I set that alarms off because of one).

All this made worse because of those ’50 something’ failing eyes… sigh


homemaker….or making home?

25 Jan

Now I’m no Martha Gardener, but I do my bit to keep the place in a reasonable state of liveability; and while it may not be cobwebssanitised, sterilised and anti-bacterialised… with every germ destroying product that’s meant to turn you into the perfect ‘homemaker’  … the place is safe and no-one has succumbed to anything terminal following a visit.

BUT that said … I do have to wonder, “where do all the cobwebs come from?” I mean …as I was vacuuming today I found so many cobwebs , some with spiders and some without ….all carefully constructed by ‘daddy longlegs’ who were lurking somewhere. … but where ???

Come to think of it …. what IS the purpose of the daddy long leg? Such a fragile harmless looking creature, with that tiny tiny body and all those gangly legs…what does it do all day? (other than setting up home on my cornices…, just to be sucked back down again at first sighting).


feeling it on friday…

24 Jan

“I understand what it’s like to work all week, and on


Friday night you just want to go and leave your brain at the door,

buy some popcorn and be thrilled by something”

Don Cheadle


size does matter …..

23 Jan

As my fingers begin to tap out today’s reflection …I suddenly realise that it is a combination of several earlier observations. …How could eyebrows, handbags and toilets possibly collide in one blog I hear you ask…well, let me explain.


This afternoon I travelled into the city by train for a meeting. Now, despite my “bag management strategy” from a few days back, I found myself carrying both my oversized handbag, and a bag full of meeting papers (to keep me amused on the train). Predictably, as soon as I arrived at Central Station my first stop was the loo…and this is where things got interesting.

I don’t think any of us are  huge fans of public toilets, but let’s face it ….they are a necessity…However, they need to be BIG enough!!   

I found an empty (and reasonably clean) cubicle, but as I tried to manoeuvre my way inside…. I struggled. I mean really STRUGGLED!

Juggling the two bags… I found myself needing to straddle the loo backwards in an effort to get in far enough to turn and close the door. Now I admit that I am not ‘delicately dimensioned’ …BUT I don’t consider myself to be in the ‘oversized’ category either… It was ridiculous!!

Anyway, after I eventually managed to get back out of the cubicle; I was washing my hands and I glanced in the mirror, only to see an ‘afternoon face’ (missing lips & eyebrows… and in desperate need of a ‘freshen up’). The problem was that there was NOWHERE to hang… put…or perch my bags while I did the paint job… I ended up with bags jammed between my legs, clutching tight with my thighs while I did my best to draw on some eyebrows and throw some colour on my lips…

Who would ever think that a visit to the loo would be blog-worthy?



a dying business…

22 Jan

In keeping with one of my early ponderings about death and dying (‘the lighter side of life, death and friendship’), it seems that at the moment, all roads lead to the crematorium.

Late last year I noticed a run of commercial radio adverts for Liverpool Cemetery. While I thought it was quite odd, the days soon passed and so too did the incessant commentary on why I should bury my loved one @ this  “location to die for”.  images

BUT… this morning on my drive to work, I heard not one, but 3 upbeat advertisements for “the Catholic section at Rookwood Cemetery” and I couldn’t help but wonder what’s going on?

I can’t imagine that the funeral business is that slow…..or that people have found a better option….

As far as I’m aware, burial plots and cremation walls are NOT normally on one’s list of must-have consumer items…I don’t know too people saying:  ‘Oh I heard them advertising a good price on graves this morning … let’s go and have  a look before they sell out, at this sought after location”.

On the other hand, the idea of pre-paying and arranging the ‘send off’ ahead of time  makes complete sense, and saves those who are left behind from needing arrange things in their moments of grief (plus you have the fun of choosing what YOU want… ….and it’s hard to beat ‘location, location’)