birds of a feather…

18 Feb

What’s with birds today ? …. I mean, really ??? What AREcockatoo they trying to tell me?

Driving to work, I passed 2 dead on the side of a country lane. I guess that in itself is not so unusual … but as l took notice of their ruffled feathers I wondered how on earth the TWO had managed to meet an untimely end together.

A few hours later in the day I was in the car again, and suddenly I was  swooped by a bunch of Cockatoos …One rather large one flew straight at the windscreen, scaring the daylights (and a whole lot more) out of me and my passengers. How it managed to redirect its course at the last minute still makes me wonder… BUT thank goodness it did, or I may not be writing this tonight (no wonder they die on the roads).

Now wait…, there’s more….

Driving home along THE SAME country laneway as the morning’s discovery, I saw a small van in front of me, suddenly showered in feathers… clearly it had struck yet another a bird. Thankfully I didn’t see the end result of that one.

I know it’s all very weird… and not necessarily even blogworthy, BUT what is even MORE weird is that I wrote about the same small feathered creatures almost exactly one year ago!! doo-doo-doo  (check out the post on 14th Feb 2013)

Now I’m not suggesting that any, or all of this is a  ‘sign’…. but you’ve gotta agree it’s pretty darn odd.



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