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… the last post …

31 Dec

Ok  ….so this is it ….the last post (nothing to do with the war….I promise) in my year-of-the- blog.

This time last year  I made a rash  statement on social media that went something like ….. ‘today is the beginning of a 365page book …make it a good one‘… then it occurred to me that I could make it literal.

I’m not so sure that I would call it a ‘good book’, but …well it’s been an interesting journey. At this point I feel like there should be something profound or wise to write  ….BUT in keeping with my original guidelines to be light, apolitical, positive (relatively speaking) and perhaps mildly amusing … I wont try too hard.

It’s been fun… at times a challenge….a good discipline…. and above all really insightful and interesting for me to stop and reflect on at least one thing  I notice in a day. At the start I would never have imagined that there would be obstacles…like general anaesthetics, overseas travel, competing study and work commitments …and LIFE ..BUT I MADE IT !!!  

362 of 365 days covered, with 2 days lost to the International Dateline and one day where I just lost my mind … momentarily.

Thank you to those who have been regular readers, or who have just popped in from time to time to have a peek around …this was never done with the intention of collecting an audience, but rather as a way to get some of the crazy words out of my head….and let you peek through the windows into my world where spoken words don’t flow easily. It’s great to know that a few ‘someones’ have taken the time to read the ramblings…and hopefully it has helped put a smile on a few or your ‘dials’.

From this point forward I’ll pop back from time to time, and write if there is something worthy of the words … meanwhile Happy New Year to you all ..I hope that 2015 is a gentle ride.

…Over and Out…



what do eyebrows… toilets… people… and fashion have in common ?

30 Dec

I have to say …not much !!! except that they have each seemed to feature in my life on a regular basis over this past year.

So following a special request, and before ‘the-year-of-the-blog’ draws to a close, I’m happy to say that this piece of observational trivia touches on all of the above.

BUT… first I must  again comment that I’ve lost a day …24hours of my life vanished. Never to be seen again. So if you notice that we skipped from 28th Dec to 30th Dec …blame the International Dateline (and the fact that Australia is so far away from the rest of the world).

Now, as I have mentioned earlier…plane travel is a great time for people watching.  I mean what else are you going to do while strapped in that seat? (other than eat ‘less-than-great-food’, sleep… and watch movies). The people surrounding you can be a great source of amusement and entertainment …or a complete pain in the bum….But whichever way they go, they provides great fodder for the astute observer. Take for example or my neighbour who, despite establishing very early in the journey that I had no voice, so conversation was impossible ….insisted on asking me endless questions (prefaced with …‘Oh I know it’s hard for you to answer…BUT … what can you tell me about ….insert X,Y,Z …..for the next 15 hours)
P1010620 (2)Or, consider the super-sized gent squeezed between the armrests and looking extraordinarily uncomfortable (not to mention his next door neighbour) …or the four legged pooch who lays still @ his owners feet all the way from New York to LA ( I wonder what party drugs HE was on?)….the gorgeous young woman who ‘slipped into something more comfortable’ and travelled most of 15 hour leg of the journey in her skimpy PJ’s …the list is endless and the entertainment value priceless.

Then there is the morning ‘freshen-up’ ….Daylight arrives, people rouse from their drug induced slumber and begin to queue for the loo. There they are, all waiting to brush the fungus from their gaping mouths and prepare for ‘de-planing’ (yep that’s a word according to our flight steward), so the time taken in the super cosy cubicle is longer than any other visit throughout the flight… but that’s OK because we all want to look our best when we emerge from the airport, back on home soil… don’t we?

However, when my turn comes…to my shock and horror, I enter this slightly-warmer-than-is-comfortable space, to discover the residue of many travellers. Hand towels and loo paper strewn, water splashed all over the cupboard top and worst of all, a sink full of toothpaste spittle. Eeek !! True to my style, I can’t bear to leave it how I find it (after all…god forbid… the next person in the queue  might think I’M responsible …) …so I set about the ‘housework’ so that I can leave with my head held high.

That job done, it’s time to clean myself up. One look in the mirror tells me that 27hrs of travel was not the best for putting ‘the best face forward’ so a full re-do was desperately needed. BUT alas, when I get to the ….(you guessed it….) eyebrows, I had no colouring-in pencil or brush for a touch up. Arrrgggh !!!eyebrows

Always one to improvise, I reached for my mascara,  figuring that a hint of that would do the job …That was, UNTIL… we hit some turbulence  and my ‘hint’ became a solid swipe, and the colour turned out to blue-black rather than brown !!! …ooops, I suddenly look like ‘a horror movie right there on the TV’. 

So, after a few minutes of scrubbing, I emerged  sporting my black eyes (not QUITE what I had in mind to be ready to greet the world)  … BUT… the housework was done ….and appearances where kept up …in part at least!!



go on…deep breath …then jump onboard

28 Dec

After our fabulous white Christmas adventure with ‘the best son in the world’ his gorgeous partner and our new extended family,  it’s time to brace ourselves and head for the airport… So, with the melatonin on hand,  the afterglow of the past 16days in our hearts … and the promise of a movie marathon, I think we’re all prepared to abandon ourselves, give-in to the thought of the pending 27hrs … and jump on-board.

I’ve spent quite some time reflecting on this whole distance thing…. and it’s quite funny really. Over our 4 trips to North America and Canada we’ve met  so many people who say they would LOVE to visit Australia, but that it’s just so far away ….Oh, and the fear of all our ‘man-eating wildlife’ …(mmm too much Steve Irwin I think)long plane ride

Hello …newsflash, it’s the same distance for us (and guess what….we survive).

I think a lot of it has to do with how you think about it ….I have a tendency to look forward to forced R&R..after all there is not much you can do, other than go with the flow, watch the people, and enjoy the ride. You’ve just gotta hope for ‘good neighbours’.


Deep breath – here goes …see you on the other side !!!



dying to tell the story…..

27 Dec

It would seem to some that I have a fascination with death, and I guess maybe it’s true to some extent, but not in a morbid or weird way…it’s more of a calm curiosity really.

Now, I will start by acknowledging  that lots of people find the subject confronting, (so that’s the warning….do not pass go if you are in that boat) …..and  maybe it’s because the only time they have  needed to deal with death is when there is a family tragedy …however, I have been exposed in one way or another since I was a youngster.wpid-20141228145056.jpg

I ‘cut my teeth’ on cemeteries around age 9 or 10 when, in the school holidays, I used to visit to read headstones and pick jonquils …..try suggesting THAT one to keep  your kids amused over the summer break!

Anyway my point is that since then I have had a curious regard for graveyards and the people in them…., so when we stumbled across the snow covered  Silver Valley Cemetery today I was disappointed to discover the gate was locked (was it to keep them in or us out? …..I’m not sure). I did learn that the date on the gate belies the truth, and that most of the residents had been laying around in there since the early 1800s.

However, my fascination doesn’t stop with the headstones….it’s more about the people and process of sending them off….In fact I did entertain the idea if becoming a funeral celebrant once….but that all changed when I lost my voice.. Then I  wondered about a job in the embaling industry (at least I wouldn’t NEED to talk then)….but figured maybe for now I should stick with those folk who still have  a heartbeat….after all they’re more of a challenge!

But, now..despite my ghoulish graveyard fascination ….I just need to add that I don’t plan on ending up in one …now or ever!!!  So if anyone reading this happens to be around in 35 years when I might be feeling a little tired….please remember…’no boxes 6ft under for me’….just a hot fire, a windy day, and I’ll be on my way!!



ring those bells….

26 Dec




















Just when I thought I have become accustomed to the variety of ring tones and regular intrusion by mobile phones throughout the day…..I was ‘shocked that I was so shocked’ today when I heard a regular house phone ring.

There I was, in the shower of our hosts beautiful home, when the phone on the vanity cupboard beside me rang loud and clear…I wasn’t concerned about answering it (because that’s not what I do .) .but rather, I was reflecting on the urgency of the sound, and the  fact that I never hear a house phone ring at all  these days.

Ah …..the times they just keep changing.




25 Dec

Another Christmas day is done and I’m feeling…tired…content….overfed and loved!

Merry Christmas to all…and to all a goodnight!!!


cutting it fine….

24 Dec

….what better time that Christmas Eve to decide it’s time for a hair cut?…

It might not seem like a big deal to some (mainly men, I’m guessing)….but those of you who share my anxiety about breaking in a ‘new hairdresser’ will understand my dilemma. Having little or no voice is always a challenge in a noisy salon, but add to that very little shared language ….well, let’s just say….it was destined to be ‘fun’.

I’m happy to say…..a  few wines, plenty of laughs and lots of gesticulation later … the job was done and it was perfect ! High 5’s all round …BUT the bonus came when my payment was refused with a fabulous smile and Joyeux Noel from the gorgeous Isabelle.

Just another Christmas miracle…..



the end is in sight….

23 Dec

Counting down….and after tonight there are just eight posts to go til my ‘ year of the daily blog challenge ‘ draws to a close. Who would have thought it ??????

Will I be sad? Yeah……..but would I do it again? Welllll probably not…but I’ll stay in touch …,…..promise !!!


the challenge of an Aussie (wanna-be) culinary queen

22 Dec

It’s interesting when the most basic of kitchen basics become a challenge…Having already done battle earlier this evening, with the unfamiliar washing machine …(and won)… it was time for the super dooper  semi automatic fan forced oven…. but that’s  another story.

So, if you combine an unfamiliar language ..with unfamiliar ingredients (who would think copha or caster sugar would be hard to find?) in an unfamiliar kitchen full of unfamiliar appliances …then the degree of difficulty  is definitely a 10 (but so is the fun factor…after all.who knows what new creation will result?)

Fortunately all Christmas treats are new to the unsuspecting recipients…so there is no real risk of comparison or complaint…just the culinary honour of the entire Aussie population at stake. …….So my apologies in advance.


dodging danger….

21 Dec

Frolicking in the snow this past week has highlighted just how much I don’t know about living in colder climates….Like…what to wear? many layers are too many before you pass out in the shopping mall?…how come you feel snow before you see it?…and how does this fine sprinkling actually mount up to anything without melting (like it does when you try to catch it )?

Then there are the issues of safety…. I mean, apart from slipping on the icey pavement, I wonder just how many people are killed every year by falling icicles ????

These amazing long spikes dangle dangerously above the pavement just waiting for the perfect moment to lose their grip and spear through the brain of the unsuspecting passer-by. But despite the inherent dangers of walking down the street, surprisingly the statistics here are remarkably low….or so they seem….All you need is a quick search to reveal some of the more bizarre outcomes of living in such chilly climates.

But always keen to find the up-side I wonder whether there is a market for designer crash helmets…you know, for  shopping? Would they ever catch on do you reckon???