liar liar …pants on fire …

20 Feb

So what’s the deal these days on profile pics ?


I know we all want to be seen in our best light, but I’m beginning to think that there should be a statute of limitations on the age of the photo allowed to be used in any public arena…I really feel for any ’50 something’ who is facing the online dating scene…, when the image of the ‘wannabe’ is potentially so out of date.

Today I had cause to meet a (real) guy that I have met online (fake guy) a year ago.

From the email  exchange (and the profile pic attached to it )  I had created an image of this person … and lets just say …he was a million miles from  that. 

In my case there was NEVER any romantic intention in this meeting…it was a purely professional interaction but very very weird never the less!! I couldn’t stop looking at him and wondering “how long ago WAS that photo taken?”  and it got me thinking about the hilarious stories of some single friends who are doing the online dating thing …. wow they’re brave.

I managed to stay focussed on our discussion and get passed thinking ‘liar… liar’ … but made a mental note to self ….. no photos over 12 mths old!!



One Response to “liar liar …pants on fire …”

  1. cathtinny February 20, 2014 at 11:13 pm #

    I have had that feeling a couple of times when you may have had years of talking on the phone to my husbands business clients and build up a good relationship picturing what this person may look like ….. then you are asked to the xmas party. Im sure both parties are a little disappointed in the real person.
    In some cases I think sometimes I think a little mystery is good, rather that the actual reality.
    ….. And yes …. I would hate to be going down the online dating thing. Blahh.

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