button up

23 Feb

Today I am absorbed by buttons. Nothing artistic or fancy just plain ordinary buttons, the kind that hold trousers up and sleeves down.buttons

You see, it appears that another one of my failings (along with not keeping up with the ironing) is routine button maintenance and ‘mending’ (another chapter that I appear to have missed  in the 1950’s housewives handbook) …. I discovered a number of shirts and pants in the ironing basket that were clearly put there to be restored (maybe as far back as last century) …and were still waiting.

So today was ‘Button Day’.

But here’s the thing I want to know….. WHY is it that buttons can come loose and fall off while being worn… BUT when you need to remove one to move it to a new location…it won’t budge so you spend time and risk damaging something trying to get it off.

Fascinating I know …



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