a breath of fresh air …..

12 Mar

When I committed to writing my 365 day blog back on the first day of the year… I also considered all the other new year’s fantasies that I could attempt to honour… (but just KNEW I wouldn’t). You know the kind of things….lose weight,…sleep more….stress less…get organised.

But NEVER (until today) did I consider a 21day “fresh breath challenge”… P1120847

Driving home today I heard the latest marketing strategy for a Listerine the Fresh Breath solution.They were at pains to tell the world why we should all take the challenge for just 3 weeks to have a fresher brighter breath. What the….. ???  (shouldn’t this be the ‘norm’ ? not something we just aspire to for 3 weeks ??

Can you believe it? because I am certainly struggling to understand. (take a peek @  Listerine 21 days)

Either way it gave me a laugh as I contemplated another 295 blog posts…. I’m 50 something but not dead ….YET !


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