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21 Mar

We headed up the coast today to visit the ‘92yro Birthday Girl’, and despite having visited the area many many times over the years (as holiday-makers) a couple of things struck me today as we approached town in the off season.

First of all the quality of regional radio, quirky and ‘oh-so-local’ it was hilarious to hear who was having a birthday celebration and what was going on at the local school…interspersed with music that took me back to my youth (guess in some ways, that’s gotta be a good thing).

Next I spied the  local paper. We (and anyone who has visited the area) fondly refer to it as “gods waiting room”… full of retirees and their parents,  the place is certainly a haven for the ‘quiet time of life’ if that’s what you are after…. BUT it’s gotta be disturbing to pick up the local paper and see it full of articles and adverts for disability services, aged care services, pharmaceutical services and FUNERAL services (seems like there is a natural progression going on there).

Let’s face it, while they may all be relevant…. do people really want to read about them in their local paper? Just when I was thinking it couldn’t get any more depressing,  I flicked over and saw the cheery two page colour spread called “The BIG C”… wow can’t get more positive than that.

However, I did manage a huge smile when we walked into the ‘facility’ that is home to Birthday Girl, and we were greeted to the sound of her voice (high soprano) above others, belting out a few tunes in ‘Happy Hour’.  There they were… about 10 of them, with  average age in the vicinity of high 80’s all sitting with scotch or wine in hand, having their Friday afternoon sing-a-long accompanied by a Hawaiian shirt wearing guitarist. P1130052

Who said that growing old needs to be boring ? … and  close to my own heart in the lead up to World Voice Day ….it proved that “Voice Matters”.

Oh ….and P.S… there is little or no internet either so posting this was a nightmare !


2 Responses to “regional living …”

  1. Karen March 22, 2014 at 12:24 am #

    What I like about your posts is that I can relate to them …and they make me laugh!

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