now I’ve seen it all…

31 Mar

Having survived my law exam first thing this morning ( despite very little preparation) …it was time to get on with the day, which unfolded in a somewhat unorthodox way.

After a late arrival in the office it was soon obvious that I was not going to get very far when I was called on by my workmate in distress.

Using my ‘best-rusty-nursing-eyes’, I did a  quick assessment of the situation (the chest pain, sweating vomiting and grey colour… mmm that’s gotta mean something bad)… then  I whipped him off to the emergency department with all his symptoms of a heart ‘issue’.

Anyway after about 3 hours… several blood tests and an ECG,…he was given a diagnosis of ‘STRESS’ and told to go home and take it easy. At that point I offered to do the 2 hour round trip to return him to his place safe and sound.nailclippers

THAT’s when it happened … I spied a woman driving along the highway beside me, fanging down the mountain at  80kph giving herself a MANICURE !! yes a manicure.

She had both hands off the wheel while she trimmed with nailclippers … not one but TEN nails, then she proceeded to apply a coat of nailpolish. What the  ???  … and I thought talking on a mobile or texting while driving, was crazy !!!

’50 something’…. and still learning about stupidity!




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