it’s all in the ‘ism’…

21 May

Now… I know that I made a commitment to this blog not becoming a whingefest nor a place for negativity … but rather a lighthearted look at some of the more amusing aspects of human behaviour and daily life.

So I will keep this brief…..optimism1I feel like this week has been full of cynicism, scepticism and pessimism.

If you look at local (Australian)  politics over this past week …it is completely understandable … BUT… I feel like it’s permeating each and every conversation and even impacting on normally balanced and healthy relationships.

It’s time to dig deep and find the optimism, positivism, idealism and enthusiasm (I know that’s an ‘asm  ….but you get  the picture).

We’re ‘a long time dead’ …so need to get on with it and suck up some ‘life-ism’ IMG_9260


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