baffled by choice …

22 Jun

Today I am wondering how the simplest of tasks can become so complicated ?

I stopped off at the supermarket to quickly grab a few things …and remembered that I was low on shampoo.

shampoo 2I normally grab it when I’m at the hairdressers, but thought it was time to try something different ….(and, after all, I was right there). So, I headed to the toiletries aisle and paused with shock in front of the colourful rows of shampoos and conditioners. Shelf after shelf of every conceivable flavour, fragrance and function…. how on earth was I to know what I wanted?

There were shampoos for …coloured hair, permed hair, straight hair, curly hair, hair that shampoo 1needs lift, hair that needs settling, frizz free, tangle free, added body, …. then there were the added bonus’s … extra lift, extra shine, extra light, extra clean (isn’t THAT the point?) ….and the we need to find the companion conditioner …. geeeze who would have every thought is could be so hard  ?

Whatever happened to the simple days of a sunlight soap hair-wash every Sunday ?



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