trash or treasure….?

19 Aug


I wonder how long it takes to acclimatise to having only 2 mouths to feed… I mean it’s not as if my home emptied suddenly overnight … yet I still can’t get it right.

I’ve always been an over-provider…  catering for a crowd plus a bit (just in case) … but on Sunday night it was enough pumpkin soup for a month… tonight’s Osso Bucco will be leftovers for the next week…and now it’s tucked away in the fridge beside the leftover lamb dish from last Saturday

leftovers 2.

The sensible thing would be to freeze it all, but I know if it makes it into that chilly chest then it will never be seen again….what a waste that would be (at least THIS way I can wonder about the waste and ponder  the alternatives).

I have considered takeaway packaging and gifting to homeless folk… (but fortunately or unfortunately there is  not a high demand locally)…. I’ve treated the dogs like princesses from time to time…(but their aging digestive systems are beginning to suffer if they over indulge) …. and I have tried using 5star leftovers for fishing bait (with some moderate success if I can manage to get it to stay on the hook – at least this feels like recycling)…

mmm…I guess I just need to pay more attention, and one of these days I might  get it right ….





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