not so quiet carriage

28 Aug

I know I’ve said it before …. but you’ve gotta love the endless entertainment and people watching opportunities while travelling on a  train .quiet

Today while returning to the outer western ‘burbs’ after a meeting,  I found myself on the ‘quiet carriage’ … (such a great invention) … and it was all beautifully peaceful….until ….

The well dressed guy sitting opposite me with his ear plugs firmly in place, started tapping his feet in time with a favourite song. There he was in a world of his own busting a  few dance moves with his feet, while sitting with his head back and eyes closed, and looking like he was in heaven.

I sat pondering the obvious enjoyment of this young man who was clearly in his own little  bubble   ….then suddenly he burst into song…loud…clear …and definitely waaay off key… Hilarious!

Then, just like  someone flicked a switch, he opened his eyes and instantly realised where he was, and that he had an audience…OOPS!

Mmmm probably not QUITE ready for the X Factor mate …thanks for the entertainment, but my advice  stick?… with your day job.



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