guilty pleasures …

1 Sep

This is my week of student life (minus the student lifestyle’) and while it’s mentally stimulating…it is also somehow really really relaxing. It got me to wondering if it’s really ‘wrong’  to enjoy being holed up in a hotel room ….alone!

hotel bedI mean at  50something with young ones launched, home is relatively peaceful…It’s just me and Mr 50something whiling away the evenings in comfortable marital bliss.

But the TV blares, and somehow everywhere I look there are jobs calling and demands on my time and attention; all contributing their bit toward a low level chaos in my mind. I admit many (in fact most)of these pressures are self  imposed but, by contrast, being here in my ultra modern minimalist environment is really quite calming and I would say … ‘almost’ therapeutic.

Having  the super-soft king sized bed all to myself… the brilliant shower for as long as I want it (without having to  clean it)…AND having total control over the TV & air con remote  controls…is just heaven.

I can please  myself what…or IF I want to eat…and can read in bed for as long as I like without disturbing anyone.

Now I am certainly not advocating this radical circumstance become a permanent arrangement, but my 2 annual mini-getaways really DO make the world a better place, and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone.

No need to enrol in Uni…. just check yourself into a comfy hotel and give it a try.



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