massage or torture ?

7 Sep

As Chrissy Amphlett once reminded us  ‘it’s a fine line between pleasure and pain’ …and she clearly knew what she was on about.

Having been feeling a little tense over these past weeks I thought I would arrange for ‘Mr 50 Something’ and I to head into the local massage clinic for a bit of pampering. WRONG !! We were both subjected to one hour of unbelievably intense elbowing, kneading,pummelling and poking that didn’t come close to the advertised ‘relaxation’ experience, (despite the addition of hot rocks and oil …see even masseurs know how to up-sell).


To her credit my lovely ‘petite-but-oh-so-strong’ action woman, kept checking if I was OK and then reducing the power in her touch just a tad… but she clearly no idea of just how strong she was…The agony continued and I sucked it up ~ knowing it must be doing me good …well, I can hope.

When I was a kid, I would often refer to ‘the pain that I like’ …. well this was definitely not that.




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