that’ll teach me …

16 Sep

OK …so I let my head go and had a spontaneous moment of competitiveness this morning… now I’m feeling my age (just a little).

A fellow delegate that I had not yet met, was heading out of the hotel at the same time as me this morning, clearly heading to the same conference destination …about 200 mtrs down the long, straight, flat footpath. I made the effort to get eye contact thinking we could walk together…. HOWEVER  she clearly had no intention of having company, but instead of acknowledging me and moving along, she did the “I’m deliberately avoiding eye contact” head tilt, and took off at a great speed.

I was every-so-slightly miffed (despite not being able to hold any kind of conversation especially while walking), and so I got this crazy idea that I would overtake her ….after all it was a flat and straight path and her legs were MUCH shorter and chunkier than mine…so I ramped up my pace a little.walking

Anyway as I was gaining on her with my super long legged strides ~ I felt something go bang.

OUCH !!! I had strained my groin muscle and pulled up lame… (fortunately I hadn’t quite made the overtake…so at least I saved face on that score). I continued along with something that was a cross between a limp and a waddle, and made it to my destination… so relieved to find a seat and settle quietly into the audience.

All was well until it came time to move… That will teach me to have negative thoughts about this oddly antisocial woman who I noticed spoke with no-one all day …then I thought ‘mmm perhaps she has a voice disorder as well. Guess I will never know’. 



3 Responses to “that’ll teach me …”

  1. Bronwyn September 16, 2014 at 12:08 pm #

    Very funny, very real. Big hugs. xx B

  2. Sammy D. September 16, 2014 at 1:16 pm #

    That’s hilarious. Not your ouch-y but the way you tell it. 🙂

    Ok. In her defense, I’d be that woman for one of 3 reasons.
    1: early riser but not early conversationalist
    2. 90% introverted (except on blog) – chat like that to be had on conference walk is hard for me even when you appear friendly and nice
    3. I’m actually shy – especially in that kind of setting. Always feel out of place even if you’re attempting to include me
    Or possibly she’s a snooty asshole😍 I’m certainly not. !! Heh …

    But don’t stop trying to catch up with us “eye avoiders” for a chat. We’ll benefit from getting to know you – i’m sure of that 🙂

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