who would’ve thought ?…

18 Sep

Today I’ve been wondering about life here in the Outback…I mean it’s stunningly beautiful, remote and somehow spiritual, but on a practical level there are so many first world issues to wonder about (like how good is the internet??) .

Here we are in the middle of the desert surrounded by red dirt and rock, so I asked the coach driver how they go with water restrictions. He laughed and said they never have any restrictions because they are sitting over 500 years supply of the wet stuff, crystal clear springs permanently running below the ground (so then why is everything so brown ???)


Then there was the cost of living … well strawberries (of all the important things) are the same bargain price as back home at the moment, ‘cheap as chips’  … yet petrol is 40 cents per litre more ….how does that work ?

The real surprise was rent… $2400 per month for a 3 bedroom apartment !!!

By the way the answer to the internet question is ….slow (but better than I imagined).





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