traditionally challenged….

28 Sep

I sometimes wonder where I failed ….(no doubt there are many answers to that)..but specifically in relation to family life.You see it has become evident over the past couple of weeks, that a lot of families have a whole bunch of customs and traditions that make up their year…..and we don’t.

I don’t mean religious rituals …I mean plain old family get-together’s and fun.

The nearest we have to tradition is our annual holiday destination with our lifelong friends. We go to the same place every year and we have a few ‘must do’s’ during our stay …..but  apart from that we are a small and ‘tradition challenged’ family.


I don’t mean to sound like a complete flop…..I think we Aussies are generally ‘light on’ when it comes to ceremony and tradition….we are so easy going  (and I personally, hate predictability which may be part of my problem here) ….. BUT… I’m thinking of initiating a couple (not sure how you actually ‘create’ a custom …but I figure I can try) and I need your help…

I’m keen to hear what you and your family do on a regular basis… from the Sunday night dinner and the Halloween or Thanksgiving festivities… to the more quirky customs in your own home.

My only rules are: it must be fun…and not result in anyone rolling their eyes and thinking … ‘oh dear here she goes again’ …. 




2 Responses to “traditionally challenged….”

  1. Flamingo Dancer September 29, 2014 at 4:27 am #

    Traditions can’t be forced, then just seem to evolve. Our children actually created many of ours, by telling us what they had enjoyed and asking for a repeat the following year. Simple is the best way to start. I couldn’t bear a tradition such as going to the same holiday place with the same people every year… some things need evolution!

    • 50 something but not dead yet September 29, 2014 at 11:20 am #

      LOL …. I’m hearing you on the evolution thing, just feel I need to plant the seed then watch it evolve:-) …

      AS for the holiday thing, it absolutely evolved and just became ‘what we do’ …in the eyes of all concerned. The 2 sets of 2 kids who were toddlers when it began, are now all adults and every year it’s a different combo of partners that join the fun. Next stop will be grandkids with any luck. The truth is that no matter where else in the world we each travel throughout the year…January is spent on the North Coast. Actually Mr 50Something and I will be spending Dec & Christmas in Montreal with number one son and his partner, but timed it to be home in time for our annual breach break 😉

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