it’s snot fair….

12 Oct

Well, having survived this past crazy week then the huge weekend, I am braced and ready for the  roller-coaster ride as I hit ‘start’ on this week’s chockablock calendar.

I’m poised and ready for all that it’s about to throw at me … but wait …is that a scratchy throat and sniffle?? NO…it can’t possibly happen !!! not THIS week …

I knew I was at risk when I was sitting in the chair at the hairdresser on Saturday.

While I was being preened and polished for the Ball…I was acutely aware of the young apprentice sniffing her way around my head as she applied tint to my roots. I’ve talked about this young woman with some horror before ….completely devoid of personality…and painful at the basin…I really WANT to give her the benefit of doubt and attribute these lack of endearing hairdressing qualities to her youth ….BUT snorting and sniffing snot in my personal space is a BIT TOO MUCH !!

I did ask her if she was unwell and suggested that she grab some tissues and take a break …. then joked and asked her if she had a mask I could wear …but clearly she didn’t quite  ‘get it’. Whatever happened to good old fashioned manners ? when DID snot sniffing become acceptable??? …..and anyway,  why couldn’t SHE wear the mask ???

Sigh….So it’s off to dose myself up …try to head this thing off ….while I wonder if I can sue for damages ???





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