due process…..

16 Oct

Today I was reminded what it felt like, waiting on a school report and getting invited to the Principal’s office to ‘discuss it’. I’m sure you know that feeling of anticipation and worry about kind of conversation lay ahead……

report cardWell ~ fast forward  40+ years, and the report card verdict was handed down today. You see, we work in a time where professional development and accountabilities drive our workforce (at least in the one that I work)… so an annual review is just part of the deal.

Now lets be clear, it’s not about begging or justifying a pay rise… or a juicy bonus to buy your new Porsche…. but rather an opportunity to look where you’ve been, where you’re going …… and how you rate yourself….( between 0-6 ) on your progress. (mmm I wonder if anyone ever gives themselves a ‘0’ ?)

Anyway, lets just say that after 2.5hrs I exited from the ‘Headmistress’s office’ with one hugely significant difference from the old school days …..There was NOT one comment that  said I ‘talk too much’  (oh how I wish there was…..)

It got me wondering whether perhaps my lack of voice is directly attributed to all those years where I DID ‘talk too much’ ….so  just maybe that’s where I used all my words up ????? mmm now THAT would begin to explains things.!!




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