false impressions ….

18 Oct

Tonight  I’m going to have a small whinge … not a huge rant or a proper whine, I just need to express a little communication irritation.

Now those of you that know me, are fully aware of my vocal limitations and the unbelievable frustration that comes with my affliction …… BUT I’m not actually talking about that. No, instead I’m referring to the false impressions we all get from people we follow on social media …the impression that they actually give a damn.

I’m not talking about friends or ‘regular Joes’… more like politicians, celebrities (not that I follow any of them), companies  and social media influencers… you know the ones that want to demonstrate their popularity by the number of followers, and who post things in a way that makes them appear approachable and like they are your friend as they beam into your personal space… but who actively ignore messages sent TO them (unless of course it’s a complaint on public view…now that’s a different story)friends

I have had cause recently to tout for support for a worthwhile community venture, so I thought I would approach a couple of my social media contacts via a short and friendly private message… I’m not asking for money or anything grand, just the opportunity to meet and discuss a proposal  face to face, explaining of course that I am real and not a troll, and that I come with… great intentions, a community spirit and credentials.

I’ve approached Local Members, the City Mayor, two radio stations and a number of ‘personality’ types… all of whom beam into MY face telling me their latest news and trivia …. yet NOT ONE has had the decency to respond … not even with a “I’m sorry you will need to contact my PA ~ I’m too important to talk to you”.

How is it that these relationships are so one sided ? First making us think we are friends …then ignoring all contact. I think I can feel the ‘unfriend’ button itching to be clicked. I’m sure THAT will show them that  I mean business ;-)… I’m 50Something, but haven’t given up yet !!



2 Responses to “false impressions ….”

  1. aiyshah2014 October 19, 2014 at 3:04 am #

    For sure the people you are talking about are nothing but a sweet sound in the abyss of nothingness of Facebook friends. I don’t give any credence to those people. I’m with you all the way.

    But the ones I really don’t like are the ones who are your friends on facebook, who you HAVE met (maybe from years ago and had a great friendship with then, but for some reason drifted apart). These ones who are so eager to connect with you again and yet have no desire to actually talk to you. The thing that gets me about Facebook is that it is supposed to be a ‘social’ + ‘network’ meaning all about communicating with each other, I stopped commenting on facebook pretty early on as I knew no one would reply! Why speak if no one is listening? …. But then most of the comments there are pretty inane anyway.

    So my final conclusion about facebook is that actually it is only about posting and nothing else. Meaning if you have something that you think other people might be interested in, you post it. Maybe some people are interested, or maybe some people aren’t, it doesn’t matter to the poster, they just wanted to put it out there….

    So I only really see facebook good for business…that’s it.

    Sorry – but that was my rant for the day!…..

    Hope you are having a great weekend!

    • 50 something but not dead yet October 19, 2014 at 3:25 am #

      No apology needed aiyshah, lol …I agree 😉 …and for me I think (whether FB twitter or blog…. ) it really IS about getting the words out of my head, regardless of who gives a damn.

      My gripe was really less about the banal world of FB comments and more about those people who are seeking a following, with much to post …. BUT who remain inaccessible away from the public eye. One such person I have great respect for her role in the public domain, I follow her commentary and she seeks input frequently… BUT when first ‘inboxing’ her and then backing up with an email …zip/zero/zilch.

      So I say … don’t pretend to care what your constituents think, if you are not prepared to have the decency to acknowledge communication (unless it’s of public benefit!!!!) ….. my rant 😉 (sitting in my outdoor office -pretending to complete a Uni assignment ….wouldn’t be dead for quids)

      Happy Sunday back at you

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