more on the question of landscaping…..

1 Nov

A couple of weeks back I commented about some of the tough decisions for us 50Something bikini waxwomen…and top of the pops was the extent to which one “mows the lawn” (if you get what I mean). Choices in personal landscaping are just that ….choices. I don’t care if you strip it all off… tattoo it… pierce it or leave it alone to go a’ la natural…. it’s your choice.

Yet when I popped into the beautician for an edge trim during the week, the sweet young thing asked me… not once or twice … but 3 times, if I wanted a Brazilian. I declined politely yet she persisted, so much so that I wondered why she was so invested in my bikini line.

When she finally got the message that I DID NOT want one, thank you all the same,  she then asked “well, what about I take some off the top  edge” ???

I know that it’s a cut throat world out there …BUT surely up-sizing the humble bikini wax seems a little desperate …. don’t you think?





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