never too old…

15 Nov

After hearing a report last week about a centagenarian  woman who took up sky diving @ 90 and has been jumping happily for the last 10 years … it got me thinking …How old IS too old ???  I guess that at that age you have nothing to lose (and everything to break …but that’s another story).granny

Then as we drove through the outskirts of the city this morning, I was amazed at the 3 gnarly legged  octogenarians that we past jogging…out there  just doing their routine fitness all decked out in short shorts, Nike singlets and caps…looking like real pro’s (and probably fitter than my quinquagenarian body despite their extra years).

men jogging

But then today we visited our very own nonagenarian. Now, while I’m not so sure that she would quite cut the mustard with either of these physical  endeavours; up until fairly recently she could give you a damn good run around the table in the mind stakes. Her brain, sharpened by endless crosswords and card games,  was a force to be reckoned with…. but as for the skydiving?… well perhaps there’s a novel Christmas gift (but I wonder if she would be covered by insurance)?)




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