x-ray vision

20 Nov

X-Rays… what does one do with the family collection ??? x-ray

When searching for a particular ‘recent’ happy snap, I plundered my way through a pile of films wondering why on earth I have them.  After all, Dad died 14 years ago and Mum 6 years … and it seems that their X-ray booty was part of my inheritance, so it feels wrong to put them ‘in the bin’.

Then there are the regular pics of my spine from every angle…. and Mr 50Something’s chronic old (now new) knees…

We have a pile of pics capturing the most intimate shots of the most intimate body bits… and it made me think there must be a better way. In this day of ‘e’ everything I can’t imagine why all images are not stored in cyberspace without the need to print anything….

So what do we do with them ?

Well, I recently discovered that one radiology practice now offers a collection point for disposal… but, now that I’ve found it, I wonder if I can actually  bring myself to ditch these personal and intimate family memoirs ???



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