booby trap

27 Nov

I think many of you well endowed 50 Something women will relate to the difficulty in choosing ‘the perfect bra for that perfect look’ … You know, when you need to lift’em up,  but without strangling yourself with straps that are so short they cut canyons in your shoulders ….or you want to add a bit of perk and shape, but without looking like you borrowed Madonna’s corset.madonna

The choice is mindboggling …each different style with a completely different  silhouette.

magic braNow, depending on the desired outcome …. you could go for the minimiser gives you a  bulbous and round shape with boobs that look like  water filled balloons oozing into your armpits… or the moulded bra that looks very  pretty, but has a foam filled life of its own…(funny how it  looks the same whether it’s on the bedroom floor or  on your body).

Then there is the ‘magic bra’, flogged on the shopping channel as the perfect answer to mammary comfort( and streamlined look) ….. with no structure it’s more like a glorified singlet that is far from ideal for those of us larger than a ‘C’ cup.

and THAT’S just the begining……whatever the look you are after ….there is no doubt there will be something to suit …but good luck finding it before you fall into the booby trap!!




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