phasionable phablets ….seriously ???

29 Nov

I am definitely not a gadget girl …. when it comes to that latest technology I find myself shrugging my shoulders with a  … ‘so what’. Don’t get me wrong…, I love my 4 year old laptop and and I often think my phone is ‘not so smart’ when it does dumb things… but I haven’t rushed off to buy the newest, latest gadgetry, mainly because I just don’t care enough.

That was until last week when we spied a super special on a 9″ tablet (which I guess is really somewhere between a phone and a tablet…does that make it a phablet?) ….and bought it, purely to save lugging my laptop half-way around the world again. It’s a functional and light way of having the internet on tap, and I’m not actually trying to replace my laptop, phone and camera ….(although I guess I could ditch them if I wanted) … after all, who wants to hold this bread and butter plate gadget to their head to make a call  OR to walk around holding it at arms length to use it to take pics ???

Clearly lots of people that’s who !!phablet

Today I spied a young teenager having a conversation through a large black screen that she could barely hold in one hand ….it looked ridiculous, and I pondered how far we have regressed in a few years from searching for the smallest most compact mobile phones, to walking around with your whole computer stuck on your ear. And you’ve only got to be in a crowd anywhere and you will see ipads waving wildly above the sea of heads trying to get the best shot….Mr Kodak would turn in his grave.

I get the convenience of having one tool for all jobs …. but seriously  ?



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