raising an eyebrow ….

5 Dec

As I was  swept along the shopping mall in the throng of Christmas shoppers – I looked up and saw it … a pop up eyebrow shop. Now you regular readers will appreciate my surprise, given my well documented interest in the brow.-font-b-Eyebrow-b-font-font-b-threading-b-font-tools-aid-font-symmetry

Initially, I could not believe it … there in the middle of the busy walkway, was a woman offering ‘on-the-go’ threading, reshaping, scuplting, or colouring, any willing eyebrows . BUT she also offered hair removal from the top lip… something I’m sure all woman would love to do in the midst of the Christmas shopping crowd..

I watched with amusement and complete shock as the eyebrow therapist worked her magic, wrapping the thread around her fingers with a bit of a lick (eek) and then whipping those tiny fine hairs into oblivion. …. she soon moved onto the woman’s hairy lip and continued to thread them away …… all the while with an audience who didn’t seem to raise an eyebrow.

I wonder if she does implants ????




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