thank god for ‘nerds’

11 Dec

As if life wasn’t busy enough today………..getting packed for our trip and sorting all those last minute Christmas bits before we run away…. BUT instead of getting on with it I spent 4hours of my life this morning with a nerd.

A very very pleasant nerd….but a nerd nevertheless.

I had waited a year to to see this nerdy neurologist.and despite the competing priorities I was happy to be drawn into his conversation and have him explain the most complicated concepts in a very reassuring and straightforward way. As I was locked in his words and listening  to his unusually squeaky highschool voice…I pictured him as the kid in the playground who sat alone with his text books engrossed in words instead of the world…….and I was really happy…(for him and for me). Thank god for nerds…

Now..4 hours of my life gone, but.that is box ticked…and it’s onward and upward ..(and back to the packing).



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