more cubicle curiosities

19 Dec

I have been known to do some of my more prolifict ‘wondering’ in toilet cubicles.

I mean….you’ve got to  admit  there are so many things to observe in there. Things like…how easy it is to get between the door and the loo…  how handbag friendly it is…..the location of tissue paper (not to mention it’s choice and quality )…..half flush…full flush or self flush…..the list goes on.

BUT yesterday I was puzzled to note that the loo in the bar where we had lunch, was at the bottom of  a long steep and dark stairwell. I guess that…in and of itself, wasn’t such a big deal…but when I walked into the bathroom I saw the disability access cubicle.There it was well signposted and clearly designed to meet the needs of someone in a wheelchair…. IF only they could ever get to it !!

On my way out I spent  little time snooping around and looking for another entrance or secret elevator….but alas no there was nothing…zip,

So why was it there I wonder ?wpid-20141219121714.jpg


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