… the last post …

31 Dec

Ok  ….so this is it ….the last post (nothing to do with the war….I promise) in my year-of-the- blog.

This time last year  I made a rash  statement on social media that went something like ….. ‘today is the beginning of a 365page book …make it a good one‘… then it occurred to me that I could make it literal.

I’m not so sure that I would call it a ‘good book’, but …well it’s been an interesting journey. At this point I feel like there should be something profound or wise to write  ….BUT in keeping with my original guidelines to be light, apolitical, positive (relatively speaking) and perhaps mildly amusing … I wont try too hard.

It’s been fun… at times a challenge….a good discipline…. and above all really insightful and interesting for me to stop and reflect on at least one thing  I notice in a day. At the start I would never have imagined that there would be obstacles…like general anaesthetics, overseas travel, competing study and work commitments …and LIFE ..BUT I MADE IT !!!  

362 of 365 days covered, with 2 days lost to the International Dateline and one day where I just lost my mind … momentarily.

Thank you to those who have been regular readers, or who have just popped in from time to time to have a peek around …this was never done with the intention of collecting an audience, but rather as a way to get some of the crazy words out of my head….and let you peek through the windows into my world where spoken words don’t flow easily. It’s great to know that a few ‘someones’ have taken the time to read the ramblings…and hopefully it has helped put a smile on a few or your ‘dials’.

From this point forward I’ll pop back from time to time, and write if there is something worthy of the words … meanwhile Happy New Year to you all ..I hope that 2015 is a gentle ride.

…Over and Out…



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