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4th july

4 Jul


It seems big things happen on 4th July….

Lets face it …America cut ties with England in 1776…(and are still setting off fireworks in celebration)… ‘Mr 50Something’s’  father died’ (23 years ago) …’The world’s best hairdresser’ gave birth to a beautiful baby girl this morning … and finally… after a few months to get used to the idea… we waved ’20 Something Son’ and his beautiful partner off on  their European adventure, to finally settle and test out life back in her hometown ….(which is completely reasonable …. but just happens to be in Montreal… about as far from Sydney as you can get).

Thank goodness the world is an ever shrinking sphere… and that travel is so accessible for the majority of us … but I have to say I’ve been wondering just how much closer these 2 fabulous cities might get in my lifetime (AND how I go about maximising every single frequent flyer points system ?)P1000013