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feeling smug ….

16 Nov

There is no doubt that today provided plenty of blog-fodder …catching up with old friends after knee-replace2 years was a feast of fun, food, life observation and  crazy conversation that traversed everything from family to… knee surgery…  work…  building… knee surgery…  politics… travel… knee surgery…  study…  school….  plans …. aging parents….oh and did I mention knee surgery ???

We had a blast, laughed a lot, talked at cross purposes and covered SO much ground in a relatively short space of time …BUT …while I could write a book on knee surgery (or maybe even perform it) after today’s conversations… it’s been gazumped as tonight’s ramble.

Instead I’m going to make yet another confession about my lack of nature knowledge.

As Mr 50Something flicked the TV onto one of his preferred action fishing documentaries (is that an oxymoron? …somehow ‘action’ and ‘fishing’ don’t quite seem to fit) …  I heard mention of death by  ‘electric eels’ somewhere in a remote Amazon jungle.

electric eelPlease forgive my ignorance.. BUT I seriously thought electric eels were a plumbing tool for blocked drains. I had NO IDEA that they not only exist in the real world… but they electrocute people. I was so stunned by hearing this, that (of course) I googled it and learned all there is to know about them. If you want to surprise your workmates with your brilliance have a read of this.

So all in all it’s been a huge day … I can now say I’m expert on both knee surgery and death by electric eel attack …Reckon I might just go and update my CV.