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throw me a lifeboat ….

30 Sep

Tonight I’m going to break one of my own rules and have a real whinge….. So I apologise in advance.mailbox 1

I logged on this evening to discover my inbox chock-a-block and overflowing. No less than 220 emails 198 of them unsolicited … in other words, somehow the rubbish advertising leaflet litter that normally fills a home mailbox, had found it’s way into my laptop.

I know I’m not Robinson Crusoe…and that most of you will be experiencing similar traffic jams in your inbox… but I just wonder mailbox 2what can be done to reduce it (without ditching and creating a new email account). I don’t mind the odd special offer here and there if it’s from a company that I know and trust …BUT it seems that there is no rhyme or reason to the current tsunami of junk…. and who said they can do that ???

I was so frustrated that I hit ‘delete all’…only to catch a flash of 2 very important messages vanishing into my trash can (thank goodness I was able to retrieve them before they self destructed).

Grumble over …I’ll pull my happy pants back up now while I try to figure out my best option, but if any of you have a solution I would love to hear it.