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what were they thinking ??

9 Jun

Travelling home from the south coast late yesterday, and as we approached the city I was struck by the lame attempt to ‘beautify’ the otherwise grey concrete walls of the free-way.

Dipping dolphins, garish galahs and cavorting kangaroos just to name a few … all in their 3D glory and embellished in a range of tacky metallic colours, they stood out like the proverbial ‘dogs balls’. Al I could think was ’embarrassment’ for any newly arrived tourist who headed south from the airport to explore our great land.

I wonder whose great idea it was and what on earth were they thinking ? IMG_9275

what the …?

17 Mar

So when does garden art stop being art… and become an insult to the environment?

Perhaps I will let you make up your own mind as you gaze at the amazing display that I pass on my regular trip through the ‘burbs while I drive between offices.


No it’s not a nativity scene gone wrong, its a bizarre collection of handcrafted, cement statues….

Guess I can just be grateful that I don’t live next door. eh?

P1120801 (3)