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wedding fever …

26 Mar

I’m not sure if it’s just my perception, but the institution of marriage seems to have had a resurgence amongst 20 Somethings…… Gone are the days of trendy singledom; playing the field and delaying the commitment until somewhere later in one’s 30’s.   These days it seems that the wedding bells are ringing and the aisles are being walked with regularity.

In fact I know of 5 weddings over this 2 week period . Now, regardless  of the  dramatically different  degrees of ‘traditional’…. they are each taking the plunge with a ceremony of sorts… and having a reception, the cost of which could feed a small country.

I guess that’s not new really; the cost of weddings has always been a topic of great debate, from the simple …”who pays for what?”  and “how much is reasonable to spend”?, to more recently….”who can  have the most elaborate pre wedding event”? (think hens weekend away cruising the high seas) …and “how much is it fair to expect bridesmaids to chip in for ‘said’ weekend”?

BUT forgetting cost, what happens when…with only days to go… good times suddenly turn bad?bridesmaid 1

Imagine this. The day is approaching and the stress is mounting… Final dress fittings reveal bridesmaids who no longer fit their dress …(OR dresses that don’t fit the bridesmaid …whichever you prefer). Either way with only days to go, it’s a huge .. “ooops” !!

This scene has played out in my office twice this week, and let’s just say…there is NO easy solution. HOWEVER….starvation and Brigit Jones undies are a good starting point.

Good Luck to you all & may ill fitting dresses be the extent of your life’s problems.