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where is the love ?…

18 Jul

Today is a very very sad day, and not one for nonsense or frivolity… but nevertheless it is a day to wonder.

To wonder at the senseless and stupid things that human beings are capable of….. the death of almost 300 innocent people mid flight simply defies  a scrap or logic or an ounce of humanity.

For a change, words fail me….I’m ’50Something’ ….and have nothing to say, except sorry to all of those grieving families.






stuck up…

10 Feb

Over recent times I have been taking more and more notice of stickers on cars… kind of like body art they have become (a slightly less permanent) expression of one’s identity.Image

Some of them are amusing, some cute, some downright racist and obnoxious…. and some just make me wonder …WHY??

Like the two I passed today with RIP  (insert name here) followed by their DOB & DOD  – emblazoned in huge lettering across the rear window.

I don’t feel strongly ‘for’ or ‘against’ this … whatever floats your boat is fine with me, but I do wonder what it really says ???

I almost understand when the person was a young’n and perhaps lost their life in a car accident (I don’t know why that’s different, but it somehow feels it)… but today’s example was born in 1935 and died in 2013… 78yrs, a pretty average sort of innings by today’s standard.

Then there are the ‘Peter Brock’ fans whose view through their rear windscreens are  almost completely zilch due to their public display of grief at the loss of their hero  …. Again I ask …Why ??

Don’t even start me on the stick families … or the Aussie pride (read racist) sentiments often shouting at you from the next lane on the freeway…. that’s another story !