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that feeling when ….

15 Jun

…you hit the send button on an SMS or email message… and realise that you’ve sent it to the wrong person (or it vanishes and you’re left sweating and wondering where the hell it ended up).wrong email

While I have really embraced the world of ‘e-communication’… I have also learned the hard way that even one second of inattention, can wind up landing you in embarrassing …or downright difficult situations.

oopsI’m sure we have all found ourselves wanting to jump into the monitor and retrieve the message as it navigates its way to wherever messages go before landing with a ‘chime’ in someone’s inbox…gulp.

Now, we all know that  ‘snail mail’ was not immune…  but the big difference was that you had time to think about a course of action… (whether plotting some Postman bribery or  arrange an intercept from the recipients post box… you at least had a second chance)…but ‘e-communication’ is SO instant and so easily forwarded elsewhere as evidence of your stupidity.

Last week I  had a couple of near misses…. mostly harmless… but it doesn’t always work out to be quite that lucky… If only all devices were fitted with an

 ‘oh crap…I changed my mind’ button.