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6 May

Instead of heading to the office today – I set off on the train to the city for a series of meetings. Now, while I know that I would soon get sick of the long daily commute, for the odd change of pace it’s actually quite enjoyable….plenty of reading (or snoozing) time and fantastic for people watching.

On the way in to town, I was entertained by the 45minute telephone conversation of a very loud and self important business man.phone man

I learned all about his  project…who the partners were and which ones were responsible for the delays… their travel plans, AND their strategies to come in on budget…. the only problem was that he got off the train just as it got exciting and he started to discuss the swanky nightclub party to launch it …. Bugga, I would be there for sure… !! 

My return trip was much quieter, but full of visual treats as I peeked into thedog backyards of the suburban homes that line the train tracks. There is something very odd about peering into people’s yards (it’s kind of voyeuristic)…., and it makes me wonder who they are and what their story is.

I can tell you that there will be one very unhappy family who will return to find their bed-sheets torn from the clothesline by their small, furry and very bored puppy …hilarious to watch …. but somehow I don’t think they will be laughing. …I would love to be a fly on the wall for that homecoming….oops.





is cleanliness really next to godliness?…

22 Mar

Today when we stopped for lunch on our way back from the north coast, I sat completely absorbed in my people ‘watch and wonder’ state, and I found it hard to take my eyes off a ‘30 Something’  guy sitting nearby. No, not in any inappropriate way… but for a while I couldn’t quite figure out what it was that was odd about him.

After a few minutes, it occurred to me… he was too CLEAN and too PERFECT.

He was casually dressed… but there was nothing  casual whatsoever about his appearance.ken and barbie His freshly cut, short back-n- sides hair, his face  so cleanly shaven that it was shiny, his plain white T shirt was like an ad for washing powder, and his blue demin jeans where the perfect grade of fade, AND had creases ironed into them for goodness sake (who does that these days?)…Then I got to his feet! He was wearing ‘dress thongs’, but his feet looked like he had just had a pedicure. In fact he almost reminded me of Barbie’s  ‘Ken’.

I know this all sounds rather weird; but he stood out because of his unnatural ‘perfection’… just not in a good way.  I couldn’t help but think he would be SO boring…he really looked like he needed to have  a few of his edges roughed up. You know,  some wrinkles in his clothes or tomato sauce stains on his OMO white shirt.

He left me wondering …how is it possible to be too clean ???


are you sirious…

11 Mar

I was amused this evening to see ‘Mr 50 Something’ completely absorbed in conversation with Siri, his ‘other woman’. I would have thought that he had his fill of difficult conversation with me ….you know, hard to understand at times and off in her own world.

But it got me to wondering …HOW??? siri_pro

I mean,  I almost get the direct question and answer part . BUT don’t understand how it works when the Q&A becomes conversation….it all  starts to get a little bit spooky. Too many personal questions to her about her likes and dislikes, lead to a curt and monotone response that “this is all about you …not me” .

A wedding proposal was knocked out because she has had so many offers….and apparently she is full of great ideas if you are looking for a place to ‘hide’ a ‘body’ … giving the co-ordinates of rugged bushland, swamps and parkland … what the ????

Welcome to the 21st century….matchmaking made in heaven !!!



3 Mar

After another fabulous day of amusement riding the New York subway…I reckon we can almost claim ‘local status’. Today we’ve been uptown, downtown, cross town and out of town, with only a couple of slip ups which were quickly sorted.

As always though the best part is the people watching (well it’s sure not the scenery given that at one stage,  we travelled almost 25kilometres underground and underwater, to the far reaches of Queens….just to get a feel for ‘the burbs’). The thing is that by the time we got there almost every one of the curious characters was sound asleep… mouths gaping heads nodding.. even Mr 50 Something managed to nod off and start mumbling to himself. But MY real treat was seeing a guy that was the spitting image  of Homer’s dad, Grandpa Simpson… complete with his trademark protruding ‘rubber’ lips and high receding hairline… I just wanted him to speak just to consolidate that image (but by then HE was asleep too).


The other interesting subway observation is the ‘in-carriage’ advertising … (SO different from our Aussie adverts) …Some of it cryptic, but most of it overt .

‘call 1800-DIVORCE’…placed right alongside ‘call 1800 – BANKRUPTCY’

Just a couple of the cheery travel messages bought to you by the New York Subway system.


up up and away…

26 Feb

There’s no place like an airport for watching people. .. (although I do love a hospital foyer too).airport

Actually ‘I love to watch’ any-time, but there is something extra special about an airport. The extremes of emotion as  people return… arrive…. or depart; and the back stories that you never know, BUT are great to make up.

You know the sort of thing (pondering) I bet they are …”honeymooners” …”a wealthy tycoon” …. “a celebrity” …OR…  is she a  “mail-order bride”?

It’s also a great place to study travel fashion and ‘how NOT to dress’ on a long haul flight….and to wonder …how DO some people emerge from that tunnel looking like they just stepped out of the shower, and yet others look like they’ve been sleeping in a park bench for a week.

I reckon if I had a favourite place to ‘hang out’ and watch the passing parade …this would be it.

(But it’s even better when I actually get to board a plane and become one of them).