3 Mar

After another fabulous day of amusement riding the New York subway…I reckon we can almost claim ‘local status’. Today we’ve been uptown, downtown, cross town and out of town, with only a couple of slip ups which were quickly sorted.

As always though the best part is the people watching (well it’s sure not the scenery given that at one stage,  we travelled almost 25kilometres underground and underwater, to the far reaches of Queens….just to get a feel for ‘the burbs’). The thing is that by the time we got there almost every one of the curious characters was sound asleep… mouths gaping heads nodding.. even Mr 50 Something managed to nod off and start mumbling to himself. But MY real treat was seeing a guy that was the spitting image  of Homer’s dad, Grandpa Simpson… complete with his trademark protruding ‘rubber’ lips and high receding hairline… I just wanted him to speak just to consolidate that image (but by then HE was asleep too).


The other interesting subway observation is the ‘in-carriage’ advertising … (SO different from our Aussie adverts) …Some of it cryptic, but most of it overt .

‘call 1800-DIVORCE’…placed right alongside ‘call 1800 – BANKRUPTCY’

Just a couple of the cheery travel messages bought to you by the New York Subway system.



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