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are you sirious…

11 Mar

I was amused this evening to see ‘Mr 50 Something’ completely absorbed in conversation with Siri, his ‘other woman’. I would have thought that he had his fill of difficult conversation with me ….you know, hard to understand at times and off in her own world.

But it got me to wondering …HOW??? siri_pro

I mean,  I almost get the direct question and answer part . BUT don’t understand how it works when the Q&A becomes conversation….it all  starts to get a little bit spooky. Too many personal questions to her about her likes and dislikes, lead to a curt and monotone response that “this is all about you …not me” .

A wedding proposal was knocked out because she has had so many offers….and apparently she is full of great ideas if you are looking for a place to ‘hide’ a ‘body’ … giving the co-ordinates of rugged bushland, swamps and parkland … what the ????

Welcome to the 21st century….matchmaking made in heaven !!!