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closing the shutters…

9 Apr

First of all I THINK my keyboard has restored itself back to normal (god I hate these computer glitches that come and go…leaving you thinking that you’re mad) … Anyway it makes typing a lot easier than last night’s effort..

Tonight  I’m looking for some advice…I need your opinions. I HATE to think I come across as rude, so I need to check something out.

I was at the hairdresser this evening…it’s a kind of forced relaxation in that you sit (sometimes for hours) with nothing to do other than look at yourself in the mirror, read a magazine or play with your phone. Now given my vocal challenges, it is even more complicated becauseI am unable to chat and make small talk with the hairdresser or clients beside me. The TV in the background, buzz of the clippers and the  roar of the hairdryer are enough to test even the most capable vocal cords. hairsalon

So… rather than be drawn into an impossible conversation…I closed my eyes. That’s right,  while the stylist fluffed, flounced trimmed and blew my hair I pretended to be dozing. In fact after a short while I was no longer pretending… I was seriously snoozing.

BUT is this rude ???

At one stage I wondered if she thought I was  praying, and would she feel uncomfortable nudging me to go to the basin for a wash?  Or did she think I was unwell? Or did she think anything at all (perhaps she was secretly pleased because SHE didn’t need to make small talk… I just don’t know.

All I DO know is that I was buggered and it felt good to zone out for a while … just wonder what you all reckon?