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when sharing’s not caring …

19 Nov

I’ve made no secret of my interest in people watching. Not in any creepy way… just observing some of the more mundane human interactions and seeing some of the oddness and curiosity.

This afternoon I stopped in the supermarket briefly, grabbed a few things and headed to the fast lane for a quick escape. But alas, I was trapped behind a 40 Something woman who was regaling the poor pimply faced ‘check-out lad’  with every detail of her day.

We heard about the pest controller that was late, the electricity bill that was too expensive, the kids special day at  school, what she was cooking for the family …. bla bla bla.bla bla

At first I thought she knew the poor guy, but no …. they were total strangers….and he did a great job of feigning interest …despite looking squirmy and uncomfortable. But but what WAS she thinking as she created a backlog of irritable shoppers…., and bored the poor guy to death? .

All I wanted was to  pay for my fish and get out  intact.