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Sunday wonders…

21 Sep

I’ve been thinking and wondering about so many things today that my head hurts. So many questions and so much trivia that I don’t know where to start.

I mean how DO whales make it all the way from the Antarctic to far north Queensland to give birth and then return with their baby… without eating a thing ? Seriously ? I mean what pregnant mum can do that? and what other brand new baby would be expected to make that 2500km journey?

Then …when they do finally eat, why choose the smallest thing in the ocean when they are the biggest ? Surely it can’t be very satisfying to strain tiny little krill fish through your teeth when you weigh a few tonne…. I mean how many would they need to recover from a 3 month fast ?


And there are SO many other questions after our whale spotting adventure today. …

Like, I wonder what clever person invented the self-locking plastic disposable vomit bag? (Thank goodness they did, after today’s “vomitathon” otherwise it could have been a very messy whale watching adventure). Instead, those of us that didn’t succumb, just had to step over the bodies laying all over the deck clutching their designer plastic bags.

Back in my old ‘nursey days’ we coped with the good old stainless steel bowl …then there was the paper bag for air and sea travel, ….heaven help you if you filled it up then had nowhere to put it.  But….with just a flick of the wrist  these modern gadgets are sealed and ready to dispose of in the nearest bin..

There are so many more observations… but so little brain capacity left …it’s been a huge week and I need to power down… BUT I’ll leave you with one more piece of useless information.

Hope you can weave some of these words into your conversation at work tomorrow… Good Luck !