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just ticking along …..

29 Oct

watch battery 1Speaking of batteries last night, as we were… today I’m wondering how long they actually last?  Come to think of it I’m also wondering how they actually work !! Just one more thing that I realise I know NOTHING about,  and my life is past half way.

I mean when you think about it… how does all that energy get trapped inside the casing ? and then how does it not discharge itself until it’s put in place (maybe sometimes it does …. but you know what  mean).

This conundrum was triggered when I went to get a new battery in my wristwatch yesterday. The friendly young guy ‘in charge of replacements’, commented that it was a lovely watch, and how long since I had changed the battery?… I stopped and thought …actually NEVER.… but the watch is 5 years old, so how can that be ??

Think about it , a watch runs constantly 24/7 … not like other battery run goodies that may get used for short periods infrequently… Added to that,  the size of this thing was unbelievably small … smaller than any hearing aid power cell that I have every seen.

So I’m making it my mission to get some battery knowledge as a priority (maybe then I can keep myself going long enough  to write my blog every night)



full moon madness…

11 Jul

full moon

Leaving work tonight I walked out of the office and into a chilly evening, with a huge full moon shining down. It got me wondering…

Is it a full moon on the other side of the globe as well ???

Not right  NOW because it’s daytime over that way…. (I know that much) … but I tried to figure what was happening.. . There’s a lot of rotation going on between the earth and the moon, but the more I thought about it, all I got was dizzy.

So, for now it’s in the ‘too hard basket’… (along with those crazy birds all sitting in a row).

Happy Friday …. I’m ’50Something… but not dead yet’