get a life…

10 Feb

Today’s wondering goes something like this….

Why is it that whenever a bunch of  ’50 somethings’ (or worse still 60 or 70 somethings) come together,  the topic of conversation always ends up being health.  Actually that’s wrong…NOT health but ILL health, ailments, broken bits and disease.

You know the stuff…the aching knees…, the sore back…, the indigestion…, the insomnia…,the haemorrhoids  bla bla bla.

Recently I was shopping in the local marketplace, and I witnessed 2 couples (high end ’50 somethings’) come together and greet each other enthusiastically.  Clearly they were four friends that had not seen each other over the previous year … (I know this because I was eavesdropping!)

After the initial pleasantries, it started.037

Like a bidding war at an auction house, they traded stories of surgery and sickness hospitals and horror, like nothing else existed or even mattered. I stood within earshot pretending to read greeting cards, while I honed my senses and tuned in more closely to the frenzy of one-upmanship taking place just a few metres away.

After fifteen minutes of ever increasing volume, and the four of them all talking over each other, I had exhausted the card rack and I couldn’t take it anymore. I left this scene, swearing to never ever turn into those people.

Don’t get me wrong, OF COURSE we are all entitled to let it out… (after all who among us doesn’t have stories to tell)… and who better to share the horror stories with than your friends?…BUT surely there’s gotta be more to being ‘50 something’  than focussing on death, disease and despair like this beige bunch.  Rant over !


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