one for the birds

14 Feb

Well today I am wondering what’s going on…I mean you hear people say “it’s a sign” but is it ?? or is it just damn freaky ?

You see here’s the thing … I am being haunted by birds! Two legged, feathered birds of all varieties…and it’s becoming weird.

I first noticed it on Australia day. We were wandering the back alleys of The Rocks in Sydney, soaking up the people and activities of the day … You know the stuff…really bad Karaoke, slightly less bad entertainment, crowds of people and generally great atmosphere.

Michael paused on a ‘bored husband’s chair’ outside a cafe, while Rose and I rummaged away in some of the jewellery and fashion stalls. When I turned, I saw him looking up, mouth wide and eyes even wider as he watched 2 beautiful rainbow lorikeets sharing a sugar sachet that they had pinched off the cafe table. YEP …. one of them flew down and grabbed the sachet (Bundaberg sugar of course)  and flew back to his mate on the branch where they proceeded to SHARE  the sweet granules.

We watched for a while as they swapped the job of holding and eating … it was amazing to watch the cooperation and the skill they showed in executing their plan (mind you I was worried about their risk of diabetes ).P1100525

Anyway, after a few pics to prove I was not making it up …we moved on, and since that day I have seen more birds than I have noticed in a lifetime.

Driving home from work 2 days after my lorikeet encounter, I spotted a large black crow that appeared out of the long grass with a golf ball in its beak. It placed the ball gently by the gutter and flew back to collect another ….and then another. ..

Next came the hawk/ eagle (I’m not good with bird identification) circling and swooping at a small nest in one of our backyard tress. We were floating in the pool when Michael noticed the massive shadow of this creature circling above. As we watched, he began swooping and eyeing off the small chicks in the nest, so we stood Marcel, our “scareman” out beside the tree in the hope of scaring him away … I’m happy to report that it worked (thanks Marcel ;-))

marcelThen came the bower bird in the front garden, the dopey ducks on the driveway, the pigeon waddling down the middle of the cafe, the huge white cockatoo swooping the car as I drove on the M2 at the exact moment that I heard the news report of the emu that had been kidnapped from Featherdale Wildlife Park .

NOW tell me this is not all very weird …. It just leaves me wondering …..why???


2 Responses to “one for the birds”

  1. Deb Rowe February 14, 2013 at 1:25 pm #

    No idea Lou…very freaky indeed and I bet Deb Webber could let you know what’s going on there:)

    • loubale February 15, 2013 at 9:34 am #

      haha Deb – may just give her a try 😉

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