life’s a beach

5 Jan

Funny how on holidays a trip to the beach allows us to expose all sorts of things that we ‘50 somethings‘  would never dream of revealing at home; lumps, bumps, rolls and folds that stay neatly tucked away from public view for 50 weeks of the year, are gloriously revealed for all the world to see….and you know what…who cares ???  When it’s all done and dusted the beach is a great leveller; age and shape are both secondary to the thought of enjoying a few hours of exposing ones flesh to the sun, surf and the summer breeze (and who is gonna recognise you here anyway?).

Then there is the entertainment … there is nothing more fun than ‘people watching’ at the beach … nonstop amusement as you observe the family expeditions dragging the umbrellas, beach chairs, towels, eskies, kids and their boards from the car across the hot sand, to claim a perfect spot …and then begin constructing a home away from home (for all of 3 hours). It’s great being an observer, hiding behind the sunglasses & book, while  sneakily watching the  dads who fight against the wind to erect the umbrella (without it blowing away and impaling someone), and the mums who perform the last minute ‘slip slop slap’ routine on the kids, before they run off into the surf and risk drowning.

Then there are the couples …young ones that can’t keep their hands off each other, old ones that don’t even speak to each other, and the mismatched  pairs that keep you wondering just what their story might be….. (is she REALLY a mail-order bride??)  not that any of it really matters, cause its great fodder for the imagination (and the blog).

Finally the fashions… whether it is swimmers and beachwear accessories… or the latest brightly coloured furniture …I am constantly entertained by the effort that people go to co-ordinate their beach experience (says one who insists that OUR beach chairs match our umbrellas…)    101


3 Responses to “life’s a beach”

  1. kainley January 5, 2014 at 8:10 pm #

    Ha ha , could not agree more!

    Sent from my iPad Karen Ainley


  2. Kate January 5, 2014 at 10:17 pm #

    And might I add that the amazing tendency to reveal otherwise hidden bodies is magnified if you travel overseas! When I went to Europe recently I actually wore a bikini, something is NEVER do on the beaches at home!

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