it’s that time again ….

28 Nov



hump day …

12 Nov



it’s all relative …

23 Aug




31 Jul



back on the treadmill…

27 Apr

back to work


the disadvantage of dyslexic fingers

8 Apr

After a crazier than usual few days I’m struggling to stay focussed enough to write anything intelligible …THEN my damn keyboard has a melt down with the curser jumping from one word to another.


I find myself jumbling words… sentences… and whole darn articles….So…with that in my mind …this will be very brief !!!

In fact I might jst not correct the next few li it takes us nes and see where. Its hard to imagine life like this being anywhere close to ‘normal’ (whatver that is .).

so i think we need a window now  instead of new words




and the balls just keep on coming…

7 Apr

juggling balls 1


circa 1922

19 Mar

On this day 92 years ago, Russian speed-skater Lidia Selikhova was born and so too was John Kelly, a Lancashire Cricketer. Both died in the 70’s …aged 50’Something.

Why is this significant I hear you ask?ninny birthday

Well on this day 92 years ago, my MIL was also born. She is feisty, opinionated, quite deaf  and very.. very…very  short, but also very much alive and kicking.

She lives in an aged care facility and she still can’t accept that she’s not a good candidate for knee, shoulder AND spinal surgeries….

She can’t quite work out why they took her drivers license off her 5 or 6 years ago…and she gets super ‘cross’ if she misses her weekly visit to the hairdresser (OR if they forget to give her salt for her meals). She has a memory like an elephant (for most things) and never leaves her room without baubles and beads that would put a Christmas tree to shame.

What a legend …Happy Birthday Ninny… for what it’s worth I reckon you’ll easily do the ‘century’!!



what more can I say …..

21 Feb

friday night


my Saturday evening post ….

15 Feb

my Saturday evening post ....

mmmmm, so what do YOU all have planned ?

I wonder just how many ‘baby boomers’ were conceived after a night like like this ???