packing it …

26 Jan

Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi ~  Happy Australia Day

I said right from the outset, that this blog is a  place for nonsensical, whimsical, amusing & everyday observations….not for political commentary nor whining, (unless of course I am really really annoyed in which case I reserve “authors prerogative” and I’ll bang on as long as I want too)…. So given this… I won’t get into the whole Australia Day issue….Instead I’ll talk about trying to open my mascara.

I am So OVER packaging !!!  (once more for effect…..) I am SO OVER packaging (you guessed it this is shaping up to be a whine)

packagingCosmetics are right up there with the best when it comes to the annoyance factor…You know, those double sided moulded and welded plastic casings that you simply cannot get apart without industrial strength scissors…and if you try with your teeth you just know it will result in a trip to the dentist. Then there are those shrink sealed wraps that have a perforated side but you can never find the spot to crack it open; and the SUPER sticky metal security tag that is usually stuck across the part where the lid connects …and you can never get it all off in one go….(by the way… can anyone tell me why the even bother….. I’ve never yet  been stopped at a store when I set that alarms off because of one).

All this made worse because of those ’50 something’ failing eyes… sigh



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